Christmas Themed Writing.

I have been on the lookout for inspiration on Christmas literacy activity.  Having looked at, I decided to do something with their idea on using the current Cadbury advert (here is the link).

The children will watch the advert a couple of times before I explain their task. An example text will be shared, the children will discuss this. What is good about it, what don’t they like or would change when they do it.  I have included a few Alan Peat sentence types in this writing, based on the ones we know so far (2A, boys, ly, O(I), 3_ed)

They will then use the planning document (provided in link) to map out ideas and words before writing their own version on special ‘chocolately’ paper! During the process, peer feedback and assessment of their writing should happen throughout. If this isn’t happening, I will stop them and nudge them in the right direction. I also hope to level this writing to aid in my assessment for autumn 2.

You can look at, use and change my resources here:

I would love to see children’s writing, if you decide to do this in your class. If it can be put on a blog, my children will look and comment.



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