Paired Reading to Improve Levels.

We have an extremely large year group of over 120 children in year 4 this year which makes it hard to listen to children read as much as I would like. Obviously we have TA and adult helpers, but I want even more! I am setting up a dinnertime reading system whereby the higher attaining year 6 children ‘pair-read’ with the lowest 15 readers in year 4. This will run 2-3 dinner times a week.

In addition to this, I also run mixed ability paired reading during the week within my own class. The children love it. Sometimes they read the school reading scheme book, othertimes a free choice from the classroom and on a Friday they can bring in their own book. The children really enjoy it. Here is a video clip of paired reading as I want it to happen, both children engaged in one text.

Paired reading from S Fox on Vimeo.